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tv   Headline News  RT  July 28, 2014 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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so there was a report that president obama was going to share with you crane government information about the surface to air missiles has a you've complained in the past that there hasn't been on the malaysian flight there hasn't been any intelligence sharing has there been and do you have any more not or more that i'm aware of and i wouldn't got to jude to have a look at the press conference which one minister leveled off gave today in moscow where he reiterated the frustration of the lack of exchange of information and of course were very open as he indicated he traded in his press conference to various forms of observation we invited we see observers to the two border crossings controlled by russia and after some procrastination from the ukrainians the americans and the british you know we see finally they are coming there we. indicate that it will be open to all we see using various technical means in order to sort of control observe the rest of the border with ukraine and on the
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investigation there is a dramatic gone bust of the mode of operation our two senior officers went public. in the foreign ministry giving all the technical information we have and describing the observations our military had on the seventeenth of july when the malaysian airliner tragically went down with a listing specific things which need to be looked into in the course of the investigation our ministry of defense list that done questions which need to be addressed are also of asian organization which is in charge of investigations and have and has enormous experience in that kind of a missed a geisha including the experience they got while the they were investigating the two thousand and one incident when russian airliner passenger airliner was shot down by ukrainian air force they're listed twenty eight areas which need to be looked into for us. i have
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a thought investigation one what we see from. our american colleagues is just the accusations and the conclusions without sharing the evidence we have seen that before we seeing that again and some unnamed people from u.s. intelligence communities show up and basically say that they know nothing and the people who are there are there briefing and they did not give their names they do not show their faces they do not give any information except conclusions and people including your colleagues who emerge from that briefing but completely bewildered about. what what what kind of information the united states is relying on while making its accusations but i'm not here to make any accusations i'm here simply to reiterate that we want to have full and impartial international investigation our experts are ready to participate and i got to hear that some of them are going to be included and us in that investigation we would like to make our expert in input
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into as such an investigation as as possible and we don't want anybody to interfere in that investigation of course a continued military activity by the ukrainian forces in the area in the vicinity of the crash site is as i say clearly not compatible with the resolution which is security council adopted on the twenty first of august generally speaking i hope your following the news. the ukrainian military activity in the area has exceeded all. humanly imaginable limits. the shelling of longer injected artillery populated areas people are dying civilians are dying by the dozen of course you recall one their operation started we were assured by some members of the security council that they are going to act with restraint restraint i wonder what guy. of the finishing of restraint they were guided by because what
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we see is that they're going after the civilian population which. justifies our description of their action as a beautiful bit operation against the population other than engaging whatever armed groups may be in the area so this all amounts to a very ugly very ugly mode of operation contrary to the so-called peace plan and to president poroshenko and to his assurances that the ukrainian military will not be in gauging the civilian population will resort to other methods rather than engaging the civilian population they are directly targeting the civilian population populated areas apartment buildings the hospitals. so this is this is you know the territorial integrity of a country is not just about the territory it's about the people so if if this is the mode of operation in which kiev wants to reunite the people of ukraine this is
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a tragic blunder a tragic blunder which may have very serious long term consequences matthew please . thanks a lot on behalf of the three u.n. coalition for access thanks thanks for the briefing i want to ask you this with this talk of the netherlands in australia deploying either an armed or army keeps changing do you think this would require some kind of action by the security council to to to to to authorize and i want to ask you this there was a readout yesterday by the state department a call between john kerry and sergey lavrov and then they did in addition to it and they said that secretary kerry underlined our support for a mutual ceasefire verified by the o.s.c. and some people what's your understanding of the us does the us support a cease fire of the whole conflict or just around the edges i. suppose he said the dead what their message is in private to the ukrainians it's a different story because what we have observed in the course of this crisis every time they have a visit from some american official of high level contact the ukrainians are
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intensifying escalating the situation and insofar as their military operation last time there was a phone conversation reported in the media between vice president biden the present but essential so they went up in other staging as collating of the conflict after that immediately now but i do hope i do hope that watching t.v. coverage and today madame de lay understand announce that their calculation is that well over a one hundred civilians have been killed in the conflict that they will understand finally that this is an extremely dangerous crisis dissimilarly extremely dangerous course of action and will give a proper signal to the key facilities and i'm sure if the u.s. were to give that signal they will have to listen because we know how much they depend on the advice of the united states on their political support now on this
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other question we understand what the dutch under straightens under met malaysians are trying to do. and we were supportive from the outset the moment they told us that their intention was to something you know policeman along with the. experts on the on the ground on the crush side we needed to support that to the extent that with all then we're prepared to pass a security council resolution right away. you know in indorsing and establishing such such steps by the dutch and. that was trail and they told us they first wanted to negotiate an agreement with the key facilities which is sort of has a slug behind it but then in my view at least in my reading of the situation the ukrainian started procrastinating wasn't because their idea was to try to take over the site militarily or for some other reason i don't know but the fact is that it
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was only minutes ago that the dutch were able to sign this agreement over the ukrainians and then bizarrely the key of authority is told them that they will also need to ratify those agreements and you know what is happening in ukraine their parliament was dissolved are they going to reconvene the parliament i called the will be able to do that now i understand their hope they are hoping to do that on thursday will they have required majority required quarrell for this kind of a vote to me it looks quite suspicious. why it took so long for the key for thought it is to negotiate this agreement with the dutch and the dutch were trying to streamline hard along with australians the foreign minister was always always somewhere on the ground negotiating with some ukrainian authorities what does that have to take why does it have to take under such extraordinary circumstances days to negotiate this agreement and to sign it only after your parliament already had
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been dissolved and then to tell the people with whom you were negotiating the agreement that now it will require a different case and. i don't want to use any strong words but. it's looks quite suspicious i hope you with your literary talent you will find the proper words to describe this mode of behavior i'd rather keep my judgment to myself. thank you investor. two questions one did araf lot fly over ukrainian territory civilian planes before this week and. while the ukrainians are certainly messing up the next investigation on the crafts like why did not the separate security cache crash site area perhaps call it russian experts tell them are rather than allow grave robbers to run all over the place to do a lot what grave robberies i mean to you know. the mess that occurred until the
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security council for the first first of all let me let me say this it's an extremely emotional. tragic situation so let's not make good even worse by resorting to expressions like this. i challenge you to give me why one example of a grave robbers on the site and i think some of that has been happening and i think this is not a professional speaking for journalists or even politicians to resort to this kind of language. especially in a situation where it's grave and tragic enough now why didn't they do that why didn't they do this some of them may be very good questions other things fell on their head on their heads and usually when such things happen under normal circumstances people know how to deal with it they have their procedures they have crews of people teams of people who are trained to do that that was not the situation then they did not have those experienced people they had people which
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were completely taken aback by the circumstances of all that and if there were some irregularities or transgressions then of course that was their fault they could have a better judgment of what to do or not to do about the situation they were told for us not to touch the bodies or anything else the next day they had complaints so why the bodies were there on the ground again quite may well be that many things were done wrong by by some people and we agreed we accepted to some rather strong language in that resolution twenty one citizen sixty six on the other hand let me remind you that it turned the black boxes intact and i'm yet to see any proof of any tampering tampering with any evidence with on the site so again i hope there is going to be objective reporting of what is happening and of what may have happened on the ground and why they invited or not did not and why the russians were first
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away i don't know why but if they did and why then of course immediately there would be complaints that russia is dampening what evidence this is. i'm sorry you didn't ask a question please go ahead. thank you very much mr ambassador i want to ask you something about the presidential statement. i wondered whether in the almost month since you first circulated this whether you've seen any evidence of the. of ice of the islamic state group or job at all nusra selling oil wealth to finance their terrorist activities either in syria or iraq and as a second sort of minor question i was just wondering why in the press statement the reference to. i believe it's resolution which is twenty eight
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twenty forty four the one the resolution regarding the action in libya in march. condemning the illicit export of crude oil from libya and authorizing u.n. member states to board suspect vessels why why was that taken out of it was in your original statement and it was dropped well first of all with that of evidence before we suggest proposed a draft. bill would engage the in in. trade of oil and that was one of the sources of their financing and to your last question give you a very frank answer and that's why it took so long to produce this spirit steve we had bilateral discussions with the united states and the u.s. delegation did its best to water down would have preferred a much broader stronger stronger statement too but for their own reasons they were
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trying to water it down so this is what we came up with but as even as it is within that this is a good text and it's worthwhile for the security council to make that statement please. so that you have information about voldemort of isis and you about the list in order to trade with partners do you know any of these partners we talked about think i'm not going to have any talk about that now here he's here so i just want to follow up on pam's version or the one but once you grab them i go ahead please ok well it was i thought ok you know it's politics but anyway i wanted to follow up on pam's question regarding the reports and videos of shelling coming from the russian side of the border into ukraine. whether russia or categorically denies those reports and also reports of preparations to possibly send more
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advanced missiles across the border want to hug you you heard those statements coming from moscow but i personally sort of i wonder when i hear some of those accuse ations from some of our western colleagues you remember that last year that we. we have the treaty on the transfer of sales of conventional weapons of doctored here in new york and the russian delegation in the course of the negotiations was was insisting on including clause which would ban the supply of weapons of conventional weapons to non-state actors and that proposal of the russian federation was rejected by our western colleagues. why because they do it all the time they provide weapons to whoever whoever they begin to believe is it would be seeping out of those weapons for political considerations of theirs including syria and now they are. out there so emotionally blaming russia
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for doing things they themselves did not allow us to prohibit an international treaty on the specifics of it you could again. the statements which. are made have been made in this regard in moscow and nothing to add and again i urge you to look up again the press conference of sigil i will fall for a minister to today where he had described the proposals we're making and the possibilities were open to in terms of control by always see of whether or not there are arms flows between. russia and ukraine please. i the french president just recently announced that over phone conversation u.k. u.s. france germany and italy will take further measures against russia for the crank crisis to have a reaction to that was think it's wrong to act on the number of families. yes
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i'm wondering given russia's role on the middle eastern quartet if you have any if your country has any. response or if you're satisfied with the response of the special envoy tony blair and how he's responded to the cry crisis in gaza and also what you think of the palestinian ambassador's call for some sort of an international monitoring force in palestine in gaza i'm not aware i'm not aware of what kind of response tony blair came up with but he is not one of the key players under the circumstances let me tell you about of course we are disappointed at the ground of response they've been national community was able to provide we were able yesterday to adopt to be honesty. i hope it's a useful document but to my liking it was a little too late but we could have come up with a stronger and more articulated response from the security council. even
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even sooner and russia was trying to. make the work of the quartet more active under these circumstances we failed again for obvious reasons you know that for a long time do not have states decided to. go it alone and to keep the court to some somewhere. in the. in the back of the of the room and i think in some to some extent we're reaping the consequences of that policy but he saw. that not of the. security and of the danger of life of the russians for a while but for god in a. big event and i felt all of the things he had but. what's your response to that it's a wrong impression i have to go to lunch for the secretary general thank you very much.
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ok you've been watching a press briefing from russia's envoy to the united nations for tali churkin speaking about the situation in eastern ukraine mainly about of course the the plane tragedy of the malaysian earlier he reiterated no fighting was promised by ukrainian government and not forty kilometer radius or run the crash site but the op being not all nurtured by the ukrainian government he went on to speak about a number of issues seem at the u.n. call for an end to fighting had also been ignored by the ukrainian government to also mention the accusations by the u.s. had continued reaching conclusions on a quote without sharing evidence by on seeing people in intelligence circles that went on for about thirty minutes not press briefing he reiterated russia supports a full on impartial investigation into what occurred in the region that was vitaly
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churkin speaking cannot a team of foreign police to abandon their efforts to reach the science of the malaysian plane crash in eastern ukraine as mr churkin was explaining they managed to reach the nearby time but the ongoing fighting prevented them from getting any further the army's waging an offensive on local militia there despite clearing a forty kilometer no combat zone or run the crash site or earlier on call service following the attempts of the group to reach the scene. international. police force. australia and the netherlands nationals are unable to reach the crash site still flight m h seventeen for they second day in a row would be are sick and tired of being interrupted by gum flights despite the fact of you know if i could read that they should be a ceasefire they were stopped short of reaching the site about twenty kilometers in
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that sound. where heavy fighting continues. and that gunfire is said heard throughout the city as it people continue to from the area. now this is all despite the announcement by president bill to par schenkel combat zone within forty kilometers all of that area another town of shock because only about fifteen to twenty kilometers away from that site so that was clearly violated both sides are blaming each other for intensifying off the flights in the air the crash sites of malaysia airlines flights and meanwhile the always see and the international team of experts are still trying to get to the side of the tragedy and are also getting reports the five civilians have been killed in the eastern ukrainian city of lugansk one of the hubs of anti kiev resistance on a main target of the ukrainian military these are the pictures we're getting from the city via party show a large residential building being hit by
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a shell local officials are claiming many other houses were damaged as well in its most recent report and it's raising the alarm over the growing number of civilians killed in the region by a terrible fire which has been hitting residential areas. are your human rights watch confirmed the use of unguided grad rockets in eastern ukraine condemning its use in populated areas the body urged both sides to stop using the weapon if they're serious about limiting harm to civilians well the ukrainian president claimed said by the month ago that kiev forces will never allow themselves to use force against the civilian population that's actually the quote just been brought up by russian's foreign minister lavrov when he recalled petro poroshenko saying but threatening women and children is against the night's nature of the ukrainian army. unfortunately appears more and more civilians are being caught up in the violence here's how the front lines in eastern ukraine currently look kiev forces
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are closing in on the cities controlled by local militia and we're getting more reports of residential areas coming under fire in those government strongholds almost every day now the town of just seen here in the mop surrounded by kiev troops seen some of the worst spikes of violence recently we're about to show you what happened there after it came under heavy fire and someday we do have to warn you the images are extremely graphic. gruesome the world. looks to. the market. is not. just reviewing the. now as you've just seen the young couple on their child were killed there they were
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among fourteen civilians who died on sunday including five miners ukrainian forces say they're planning further attacks on the militia controlling the city later today here is a local residents account of the previous deadly strike which hit residential areas . will what it was a strike on the city most likely from grad rocket systems there is a very popular supermarket in the city center when the shell fell onto it there were a lot of customers there another fell in a residential yard in another near the city's maternity home causing all the windows to blow out explosions could be heard all through the day starting from four in the morning they simply raising us to the ground. human rights activists are calling on both sides in the ongoing conflict in ukraine for restraint to put an end to civilians being caught up in the fighting wherever it's appearing difficult to get that message across in the ukrainian media here's a recent interview of a senior researcher from human rights watch by one local t.v.
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channel q one of our eyes which really should not say which is real sort of she is crudely anciently. divides the world would be. similar to. the needs another part is that said it is not the presentation of us the kill cry and then vote on them one of them you know is the model number one dr going to set up what it will. be one of which is going to get out the coconuts and you wake up studio people want to hear lucky up. from a lot of food curators to put a little sugar in the biggest. what you and then push the premiums for difficulty to pass through still even the other issue is really just going to do it once you're out of the world. now we'll be back at the top of the hour with all the main news stories but until then get a firsthand account of what life is like on board an eighteenth century tall ship in the middle of the atlantic.
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death row inmate joseph would rise in pain during a two hour execution this prolonged suffering was not part of the plan and not constitutional but an accident and not quite a unique wanted that just this year in both oklahoma and my native ohio there have been botched executions due to complications with lethal injection one judge alex kozinski who voted to give would a stay of execution due to the questionable nature of lethal injection drugs said that the good old firing squad would be a lot more humane and his opinion eight or ten large caliber bullets fired at close range inflict massive damage causing instant death every time i think we feel injection is popular not for the executed but for society as judge kozinski said
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shooting someone in the head with a machine gun is instant death so why don't they use the firing squad because that would be messy and raise questions quietly injecting people way from prying public eyes allows the dirty deed to be done without the hassle of ugly news footage i think that it says something odd about society that we must kill the wicked and murderous but could you do it in a bloodless way completely out of sight i don't want to lose my appetite but that's just my opinion.
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quincy's from now you'll be moved disappointed part of things you didn't do them by the ones you did broke the power. away from the safe. trade winds in your sails explore dream discover.
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i on live aid. and i first came on board stand a few years ago. but think stand out gives people. people who come on board. maybe they live in the city and work in a sixteen hour face or whatever. and this is completely alien to them it's like a whole new different world. of friends you have time to contemplate and think about things on board and. maybe some people they.